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Why Dr. Lorenzana

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Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana is an award-winning optometrist and vision specialist, the creator of the groundbreaking CogniViision™ protocol and a true believer in vision therapy as a holistic treatment to improve patient quality of life. Dr. Lorenzana was born in Colombia and struggled with reading for years before she was diagnosed with “convergence insufficiency” (the inability of her eyes to work together when focusing) while she was in optometry school. After completing a course of vision therapy, her academic abilities improved so dramatically that she was inspired to choose vision learning disabilities as the focus of her life work. She went on to complete a residency in pediatrics – binocular vision and perception at the Illinois Eye Institute, where she earned her doctorate degree.

In 2003, Dr. Lorenzana established Advanced Vision Center where she currently serves as Director for Pediatric and Adult Specialty Optometric Services. Meanwhile, she continued research and study into the relationship between vision and neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to rewire its visual pathways to improve vision. In 2012, she founded the Vision and Sensory Integration Institute with the mission to help improve patient vision through a new protocol fusing neuroplasticity and vision therapy. Today, it is known as CogniViision™.

Dr. Lorenzana is a highly sought after, international speaker and has garnered many industry awards for her research and contributions to optometry. She was recently named “3D Eye Doctor of the Year” from Hollywood’s 3D International and Advanced Media Society and won the 2014 Influential Women in Business Award from the Daily Herald. In 2013, she was selected America’s Top Optometrist. However, she considers her greatest achievement to be her opportunity to make a difference in every one of her patient’s lives.


Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Board Certified Fellow in the Area of Vision Therapy and Neurorehabilitation through the College of Optometrists for Visual Development

2014 3D Eye Doctor of the Year, Hollywood 3D International and Advanced Media Society

2014 Influential Women in Business Award from the Daily Herald Business Ledger

2013 Top Clinical Researcher: Site 235 from the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigative Group

2013 Eye Care Professional of the Year from the International 3D Advanced Imaging Society,

2007 Clinical Excellence Award by the Vision Service Plan

2004 Private Practice Optometrist of the Year by the National Vision

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