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Adult Eye Care

Specialty Vision Exams

In today’s technological society, our lifestyle demand more from our vision than ever before. Our constant use of computers, cell phones and electronic devices at work and at home, can tax our eyes and degrade our vision. Adults should undergo yearly eye exams to detect vision issues that may be affecting achievement at work and play.

For adults that suffer from symptoms such as headaches and/or visual fatigue, or physical development issues such as lazy eye, we also offer Functional Vision Evaluations that can determine whether vision therapy is a viable treatment option. Vision therapy is available through our affiliate, the Vision & Sensory Integration Institute.

Our specialty vision care for adults includes examination and detection for unique visual issues stemming from:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc.)
  • Health issues or physical injury affecting sight (TBIs, stroke victims, concussion sufferers, accident trauma, diabetes etc.)
  • Functional eye issues (i.e., lazy eye)
  • Other special eye care needs (dry eyes, hard-to-fit contacts, etc.)

Our vision evaluations can also detect many eye and general health problems.

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Vision changes from diabetes
  • Vision changes from high blood pressure
  • Vision changes from arthritis
  • Vision changes from neurological conditions

AVC's Holistic Eye Care and Eye Health

Healthy eyes require a healthy body!

Most of us do not maintain a diet for optimal eye health, or consume enough fruits and vegetables daily to provide our eyes with the nutrients they need for today’s hectic lifestyle. We offer supplements to bridge that gap and provide the body the nutrition it needs to impede aging vision. We can also help you select the most potent supplements for your needs. To find out more, or receive samples, call for a consultation.